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Water Tank Replacement

Water Tank Refurbishment

Water Tank Repair

Water Tank Cleaning

Water Tank Replacement

Are your water tank and tank components beginning to show their age?

Inttech Tank Engineering is a specialist in the replacement of water tank and water tank components. We have the expertise to carry out any water tank replacement. Whether your tank is corroded, leaking, oversized or simply past it’s best and in need of renewal, we can help!

Our team have the skill set to manage all aspects of your water tank replacement project under one roof, including pipework modifications, decommissioning and removal of the old system, installation of bypasses, supply and installation of the new water tank, cleaning, along with the final recommissioning.

Water Tank Refurbishment

Do you have an old water tank that is cracked and or leaking?

Inttech Tank Engineering can bring it back to full use again with our complete water tank refurbishment service— including water tank inspection, water tank cleaning, water tank repairing and water tank coating & lining. 

Even small leaks in a water tank can lose significant amounts of water. As such, it’s important to arrange a water tank repair specialist before the damage becomes severe. You need a repair method that will last.

Inttech Tank Engineering is specialist in water tank refurbishment works, capable of refurbishing water tank of all shapes, types and sizes, on-site, whether they’re suffering from corrosion problems or leaking.

Corroded and damaged water tank can be repaired and refurbished using a smooth, easy to clean epoxy lining, which extends the life of the tank, thus avoiding the need to replace existing tanks. Water Tank Refurbishment is simply the best long term repair method for old water tanks.

Water Tank Repair

Water tank repairs are one of the core areas of expertise at Inttech Tank Engineering.

Whether it’s a leak, structural defect, cracked panel, pipework issue or ball valve failure, we have the skill set to resolve the problem. As water tank specialist we are able to provide a comprehensive water tank repairing services to solve the leakage issue. We have the essential expertise and knowledge to repair and reconstruct your defective, deteriorating, rusted, damaged or leaking water tank, both internally and externally.

Inttech Tank Engineering provides water tank repair, water tank maintenance, water tank parts inspection, modification services, piping & coating service. We repair and waterproof all types of water tank – above ground, underground or rooftop.

If the water tank lacks inspection or maintenance services the tank can contain several contaminants. For example, the tank can have an accumulation of sediment or debris. This can produce bacteria which is harmful to human health.

The application of our excellent coating system during water tank repairs will provide you with a resistant and protective lining so there will be no need for a water tank replacement.

If you are in need of a water tank repair service in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor, then look no further than Inttech Tank Engineering. We can provide you with best water tank repair solutions for you so that your water tank can prolong its life cycle.

Water Tank Cleaning

Has the water started to smell bad or get muddy at your premises?

At Inttech Tank Engineering, we provide one stop water tank cleaning services for condominium, apartment, flat and commercial building in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor. We use a systematic cleaning procedure and assist you in stopping contamination.

We professionally clean all types and sizes of water tanks, including: 

  • Poly Water Tanks
  • Pressed Steel Water Tanks
  • Fiberglass Panel Water Tanks
  • FRP Water Tank
  • Steel Water Tank
  • Concrete tanks

When storing water inside your tank, it is important to check the quality and cleanliness. Different elements such as light penetration, bacterial and slow build-up of debris have a serious impact on your stored water’s quality.

Regular water tank cleaning is important. It ensures your water is safe and extends your water tank life.  We are highly experienced in water tank cleaning that can help to keep your tanks safe and your water clean.